Michihito Mizutani is a interaction designer who has been researching the unconscious communication that occurs between people. He is translating this research into objects that help us communicate on another level, for example in his 'Tasting Music', 'Talking Glass', 'Sharing the Moment', 'Emotional Communication'.
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Talking Glass

Collaboration with Ida Blekeli

When toasting, an arrow is illuminated by LEDs in both glasses. The arrows in the glass point into one direction, either at you or the other person.

My intention with this work is to make people pay attention to each other and to talk about what the arrows mean. This is the beginning of communication between people who are getting to know each other. For example, it might remind people of the social game called: "spinning the bottle" in which the person that the bottle is pointed at has to tell a story. So people can create their own game or a way of communication through this tool.

Exhibited in
  Demo Day Xmas 2004
  Ars Electronica 2006
  European Way(s) of Life 2006
  Masters of Arts 2006