Michihito Mizutani is a interaction designer who has been researching the unconscious communication that occurs between people. He is translating this research into objects that help us communicate on another level, for example in his 'Tasting Music', 'Talking Glass', 'Sharing the Moment', 'Emotional Communication'.
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Narrowcasting TV

This is a product that connects the TV in your living room with your mobile phone. When your mobile receives any message or a photo, the mobile phone forward the message to your TV. The TV in a certain channel will then show the message or photo. It also stores images and texts for a while and can show a slideshow of them. You may also send a message to your families TV directly, for example t show your grandmother what your baby looked like this morning. In this way you can connect to people who are not using computer or mobile phones.

Exhibited in
  Demo Day Christmas 2005
  Ars Electronica 2006
  European Way(s) of Life 2006
  Masters of Arts 2006